Sometimes I wonder how awesome life would be, what kind of dazzling world we would live in if everyone could record and remember their thoughts. Every fleeting, half-processed, candle-flicker of a notion, every bleary-eyed dream.

We'd have epiphanies instead of advertisements.

There would be maps of the universe.

There would be no starving children.

We'd have a cure for sadness.

On the other hand, I believe we all have the capability for extreme violence and inhumanity. We almost have to be taught what human behaviour is.

There would be new ways of killing each other.

We would be too busy thinking to appreciate what already is.

There would be no flavour, no colour, no texture to life.

Maybe it's a good thing that we can't record our every thought. I've often wished I could catch a hold of an idea that I had just before I fell asleep that other night...but I also wonder whether it was really that great. I could have just deluded myself with drowsiness and the absurdity of my dreamland.

Sometimes thoughts aren't as great as they seem, especially after they get put into action.

Pretzel Pretzel
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2008