So I'll Be Driving Along.

And suddenly get on a wave of brilliance.

Like the most amazing **** ever.

And then suddenly POOF by the time I have paper & a pen, or be at my computer just gone.

Totally frustrating.
anteye anteye
41-45, M
4 Responses Nov 23, 2006

yeah i have bought many mini notebooks and a digital recorder.. these thought always happen though when myhands are busy or i am inpulic an don't want to speak or i am in bed and don't feel like moving and just want to go to sleep.

My experience exactly!

I have sang some songs from my head from start to finish, but let me get a recorder close by,,, Forget it.

That happens to me, too - I bought a digital recorder for those moments and you know what? I promptly forget all about the damn digital recorder, too!