They get replaced by other amazing thoughts. I also had an amazing thought I was going to use to write my story around, but I forgot it when I was distracted by a balloon thats just flown past my window. It was a bright red one and has obviously escaped from some poor child's birthday party. I had thought to chase after it, but feared I'd run out of garden and collide with the fence. That wouldn't have been pleasant.

Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
12 Responses May 4, 2008

Down the park helping to construct the maypole :) I am safe currently...

Hmmm, where is your sister? She may want to eat those jaffa cakes.

Nope, my head's just full of dancing jaffa cakes now annoyingly :)

We had a lovely balloon moment last night....2 giggly daughters, inhaling the contents of a helium balloon!

Do you now recall what you were thinking of prior to that amazingly distracting balloon?

Why thank you Blue, you are pretty amazing yourself :)

You are simply amazing.

No problem :)

Oh, and db, now I can't get that song out of my head. Good thing I've always liked that particular little ditty.<br />
Hey, it can be the soundtrack for my pretty balloon thought-Thanks, db!!!!

Aw, I just had the prettiest picture of a bright red balloon floating over a garden filled with flowers while children partied merrily nearby! Your forgotten amazing thought led to a smile on my face-AMAZING!!! Thanks,LuangiSally :0)

I feel amazingly amused by reading this story.

Perhaps you should check if Nena's been in your neighborhood recently ... there may be another 98 or so of these balloons about.