Whoops! Lost It...

this is the main reason i write everything down. especially before bed, the thoughts just rush in, but i'm far too lazy to roll over and write them down. i even keep a notebook and pen handy at my bedside to write these things down.

i get amazing random thoughts during the day too, but unless i'm out somewhere, i usually write them down or have enough energy to remember them. or if i'm out, sometimes i'll have my notebook or paper of some sort to write them down. but sometimes, i'll go as far as to email them to myself from my phone.

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2 Responses Jul 8, 2008

haha yeah...it's a good idea if it gets used!

Hahaha, I know EXACTLY what you mean about being in bed and being too lazy to write any of the thoughts down. For me it's like, "YEAH! I get it now! It all makes total sense!" and then five minutes later I'm like, "I really should write all of this..." *starts snoring*<br />
<br />
So yeah, I am really getting what you're saying, dearie. Though I think I should follow your example and start to keep a notepad next to my bed. :P