My High-tech Brain

I’m sitting someplace, pondering reality…and POW! I know all the secrets…and so I labour to take them down but…then they’re gone, I am too late, I have forgotten their fullness.   So I carry a palm pilot with Memo titles like ‘plot notes’ for the spontaneous solutions that come to me at the most inconvenient times, ‘thoughts’ for my crazy thoughts and all the rest like ‘things I’d like to read’ I mostly use my palm pilot as a means to enjoy the labour of writing a novel long-hand, while at the same time being high-tech and saving time digitally.  It has come in handy as a, dare I say, alternate memory. I always have it on my person, so if I need to remember anything, and suspect my memory would fail me, I’ll simply jot it down then and there.   So at the moment I don’t really qualify, I have my ways of remembering. A bigger problem for me is huge ideas that seem small and unimportant in review…I hate it when I see that it wasn’t such a perfect idea after all.   Don’t worry guys, the age of the neural implant is coming, we’ll all have the internet in our brains and the quickest memory possible. I cannot wait for the future.
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2 Responses Jun 5, 2007

Yep, I'm waiting til my brain can be wired to the computer so all my great thoughts will be eternal! LOL

I have a palm pilot that I write stuff down on too!! My palm... and a pen. The handiest thing around. :D