I Have Amylophagia. It's The Compulsion To Eat Starch Or Starchy-textured Things

I have eaten chalk, cornstarch, flour,and even clay (the kind you can buy in the beauty section of  organic markets) since I was girl. I would sneak into the kitchen and spoon out flour and cornstarch directly into my mouth.

Now, I stick to whole wheat unprocessed flour, because I assume it's at least better for me. It does keep me regular. :)

The dry grainy texture in my mouth is what I crave and the way that it sends my saliva glands into overdrive.

I'm trying to train myself to like similarly textured but better for me foods like crushed flaxseed instead but it's bitter and the texture isn't quite right.

Are there any nutritionists who can suggest some healthy alternatives for that "texture" I crave?
lizalee lizalee
Aug 2, 2010