Large Clitoris

my biggest dream is t a have big clitoris so i can ********** like a boy
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I have an extremely large clitoris and have a hard time finding women to enjoy it and satisfy me...reason for being single

OMG, my gf has a huge clitoris also. Whenever she is aroused, it causes a bulge in her slacks or dress like a penis would
Her **** is ultrasensitive too. Is yours?

my girlfien have very big **** 4 inc ,,very nice penetrated my vagina

hard to believe...

I had had a girlfriend with a huge stick out **** (about 3-inches - a kind of "she-****"). She was able to penetrate and **** with it.
In internet you can see such too, for example by xhamster Keyanna Moore (she ***** with her ****-**** another woman) and Linda Might ***** her husband in the *** with her very big ****.
I read by ****.board, that a few women are also able for such and they like it very much.

Big clits are so much fun to suck on.

I love big clits, I would want to eat you out for hours

I love big clits... Be proud of it and enjoy it... You'll find guys that like it... :)

I dated three women one was 26, 38 an 41. The woman of 38 had the biggest **** i have ever seen. it was easy to get her into ****** and ignite her again and again

I have a very big clitoris and it's stopped me from even starting a relationship with boys because I feel so self conscious about it. I know when it came to kissing etc I would feel aroused, but when I do it grows even bigger and is clearly visible through my panties or a bikini. I can't wear anything tight fitting, as my clitoris is so sensitive that it turns me on so much I have to go and **********, which is not always convenient. I'm 23 and know I need to start dating, but it's so hard. I wish there was a way of knowing which boys liked big clits and which ones prefer small ones, so I could find the right boy - one who loves me AND my huge clitoris.

You are freaking lucky. Mine is small, you will receive more pleasure than most women. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

There is nothing more exotic than a large clitoris especially for someone like me who loves to give oral sex. I would spend hours bringing you hieghts of exstacy beyond anything you can do ************. I am over 80y/o and an expert because that's the best I can do now!

Hey, I would love a woman with a big **** like yours. I've seen big clits on women in ****, some that actually resemble the head of a man's penis. I think it's hot! I would be so turned on to see a woman in a bikini in public with her erect ****-**** bulge protruding and demanding much attention.

Would love to see it, if you have any pics. Mmm... :)

I have a big clothes too.. u have no idea how blessed we are ****** is easy for us and men LOOOVE it never met one who didn\'t my bf eats me for a loooong time hours if I want so recognize what u have we\'re rare n hott

It's natural... I have a big one too and my fiancé loves it... Previous lovers loved it also, and I've never had a complaint from a woman ;-)

You can send me some... Mines is big too

I would marry you

Silly girl, most men, love a large ****, it is so hot to be going down on a woman with large lips and feel her lips as they surround your ****....mmmmm very very hot.

You make me very curious, so can I ask you, how big is your ****?

I'm sure by now you know that many boys/men love big clits. I once was with a woman with a very large ****. Great fun and I long for her to this day. But, life moves on.

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How big it is?

I'm a man who loves giving oral sex. I truly love a woman with a large clitoris. It's feels so good getting larger and hard underneath my fingers; I, also love running my tongue over a large clitoris (or any sized ****), but a large one is much easier to find and to get between my lips. I love sucking on a **** until the woman reaches ******. So, young lady, keep working on enlarging your clitoris and make yourself and your "lover" very happy.

Oh thank u I will try.

Much like the techniques men use to enlarge their penis, a woman can use to enlarge her clitoris. From pulling on it to stretch it manually to using a very small pump to inflate the tissue can allow it to swell larger when aroused. Some women have also had testosterone injections to the general area as well as using testosterone enhanced lotion or cream which is rubbed into the clitoris and labia. Hope you may find this helpful. Fontana

I want my **** bigger. I was looking at ****, and discovered a vagaina looks like a penis. I want mine 2 look like that. But, still have my female parts. What the best way 2 make it bigger?

Now that is a nice idea, but I suspect it's sort of a case of what you have now is what you get, short of surgery (pun unintentional). Still, I could certainly imagine endless play with any of them, so gleefully enjoy it.

Wwok to honest my ****. is natural 2.5 inches I have never harder enhancements or steroids to make it bigger I was born with it.

You lucky lucky lady...

You should be very proud of it. I like to give oral sex and the larger clits seem to get off harder. You are very fortunate that you got to keep it! Many American ladies born with big clitorises lost them as an infant.

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I would love to **** beside you and to blow your woman ****, and to rub our organs together and both lose it.

I am a man and I have a penis the size of a clitoris so I ********** like a woman. My ******* are all internal and very intense. With a little lube my finger strokes my labia formed by my scrotum and I strum my tiny **** in circles until I gush a thin watery fluid as I enjoy the throes of my climax that makes my toes curl and I clench my legs together. This is much better than stroking a hard penis to *** which is so messy Enjoy what you have!

Love to see a video of that...

Well you will apply only on your **** not on your labia..As far as I know if you apply only on your **** it will enlarge it without enlarging your labia.The safest cream you can use is DHT(Dihydrotestosterone).It's very powerful androgene.And it will do the job. I don't know where can you get it from.Check on the internet..

Can women with very large clits actually penetrate other women? Any vids of this online?

I see a video on of that I can't wait to try it out with a women.

I saw one on xvideos... I think her name is klytoria or something like that...

Not that I know off but I wish I could but the beautifully thing about that is that I have tried and I feels so good.

You can get you **** bigger by using steroid cream on your ****..It'll definitely get much bigger and more sensitive..But bear in mind it's irreversible.It will stay like that forever..XXX<br />

I sucked my first **** when I was about 15 years old. She had a **** that was about 3 inches long and I went down on her for about an hour but she didn't come. I've never seen one that big since that time.

Wow, so did you think all clits were that big until you did your next girl?

I have a big **** and I'm pretty sure I will come in less then 10 mins.

Me too!

How big??

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I'd LOVE to mutually ********** with you and also sucking your huge **** very strong. I fantasize about having you push your **** in another womans ***** or to expand my ***** hole and push your **** inside my ***** hole.

Would love it too!

Hope your biggest dream comes true nina so you can ********** like a boy. A very dear and close lady friend of mine has a huge clitoris and her favourite sex is ************ with her ****. When she is aroused she said the bulge in her panties is huge. Fortunately i can attest to the veracity of her statement from first hand experience with her.<br />
<br />
Just imagine the thrilling excitement nina of being able to ********** your **** like a boy. <br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing your story nina.<br />
<br />

I would love to be able to see your clitoris when you are aroused Spex. I wouldn't want you to be a man and whilst it is exhilarating being able to show the evidence of a hard on when i have one, i often think how i would love to be able to tell when a woman is turned on. Wondering how her ***** is enlarging. I will ********** to you Spex. Fontana


You betcha !!!!!

Both my sister and mother have large clitorises. They are about the size of a not too large cherry when fully erect.they are both easily multi-orgasmic and always ready for sex play...I remember my sis ************ multiple times daily when she was just 10...Mom encouraged both of us to fully enjoy our ability to climax easily...She showed us both all about ************ and from time to time the three of us would ********** together...I loved watching my Moms **** grow to its' full size as I played with it and Sis stroked my **** for me.....

Technically speaking that's known as "child abuse"

suction would probably be the best thing to try. My wife enjoys her **** being put under suction for 15 minutes at a time,with a 10 minute rest period. We do this for three cycles and her **** does more than double in size. If you like contact me and I can show you some before and after pics.

Why not become a boy? That way you'll know how great it feels to *** through the tip, whereas a **** will never *********, however much you want to...

Women can *********, just not directly through the clitoris.

Women get very wet, they don't *********...

Some guys seem to get off on huge clits - frankly, I'd rather have a ****! But a nice, medium-sized, well-shaped thing...well, you can do things to it and make it ***, that's nice...

Some guys seem to get off on huge clits - frankly, I'd rather have a ****! But a nice, medium-sized, well-shaped thing...well, you can do things to it and make it ***, that's nice...

Sometimes when I lick a woman, she getsa wild as I suck the whole tip of the clitoris into my mouth and roll my tongue around it, then suck back and forth between my lips. This wway you can also uncap the tip with your lips if the foreskin is a little too long - most women confide that they feel like having a penis between their legs with this technique. Of course, they''ll never know the thrill of ***********, the tremors right before you shoot your load - but that's good enough reason for them to learn how to ********** men well!

Big clits are cool,i crazy about it,if its big it turns me on,its a plus if the clitoris is big and she can squirt all over my face. I'm an African and our girls are blessed with giant I am blessed with a big **** and fat **** head, so its heaven when my fat cap rubs on a big clitoris. Any girl who has big clitoris pleasa add me on blackberry pin32369FBE. Show me your glory **** and i will show you my **** and ********** and video it for you.

I love clits! My dream is to find a girl with a long thin ****, an inch would do anyway hopefuly it would get rock hard like a little stick :)I would insert her love bud into my **** and ********** us both too ******.

Can you add me so I can see pics of it?

If you want pics of big clits, I have a lot of them along with video too.Message me and we will see.

Thought you might like this to start the week

You could always use a pump to make it bigger. They have **** pumping machines.

The best way to get your **** bigger is to apply steroids cream on it for some period of time..It will get bigger and more sensitive..But bear in mind it's irreversible..My friend is a bodybuilder,and is using steroids sometimes.His girlfriend was taking from his steroids secretly before she goes to gym.She ended up with her **** getting very large..

I once had a lover who I lived with and her **** was three inches long. Mind you,it was still attached to her body an d could not be manipulated straight out like a penis, but it was fun! Equally distracting were her enormous labia--I could stretch those vulgar lips out across my palms several inches! OR in my mouth---lots of fun to play with!<br />
<br />
Now she was 6 feet tall, but her legs were 36 inches. In other words, she had a short torso. You might think TALLER female means larger equipment? No. I later had another TALLER GF-6'1" and longer torso. she had a pretty much average vulval area and ****.<br />
<br />
As others have noted, strangely, there was no correlation with size and sexual capacity. While the first was great fun to play and manipulate like a little female **** and female scrotum, she was good for 2 to 4 ******* in a session. BUT would require a good deal of time to *** the first or to reach the many Os.<br />
<br />
By contrast the second GF didn't know it - she was too naive to have known - was wonderfully multi-orgasmic! She orgasmed more easily and faster, I couldn't keep up a count. <br />
<br />
Perhaps more relevant was their age. The first was 24-29 when we lived together; the second, 32 and few years later.<br />
<br />
If this factor is the more relevant one for total pleasure, it is probably related to female sexual peak of around 30 - which is when female testosterone levels max out! And so do their sexual needs (although many are ultra-horny for years if not decades thereafter). You probably know this from your mother: it DOES get better for many many women!<br />
<br />
There is data here that makes the case compellingly:<br /><br />
Go to the link - drop down to "Exhibit A" and find the map of the USA. Then play with the sliding knob there, changing the age of women in the survey.<br />
<br />
The question answered there is this: Ideally, how often would you have sexual intercourse?<br />
Notice how the map changes from red or pink (once a week),to blue (daily). Right around 30 years old.

Perhaps you should look into suction pumping. Not *quite* the same, but a number of people enjoy the effects.

I always wanted to suck an erect ****. Small ones are lovely too but I want to experience one that's like a small ****

Thats really hott! If you did i would love to suck it!

I would love to see it.

Nina - I once had a girlfriend, a free spirit artist type, blessed with a huge ****. I loved playing with it, licking, lips, fingers even toes. But you're right, it's one of the few clitori (or is that clitorises LOL) which I could stroke off like a penis. I had to be really gentle - it couldn't take the same firmness as a **** - but it drove her wild. <br />
<br />
You don't say whether you actually have a large **** or would just like one. I think, but I'm not certain about this, that clits respond much better than penises to 'pumping'. You can get them a bit bigger using a ***** pump (Google it). If you want to see vids of pumped ****, send me a pm and I'll forward links to you.

would love to see!

i had an ex with a long ****,loved seeing it poking out of her pantys,use to jerk it with two fingers and suck it all the time