O.K. I've Never Shared This In Full Before...

It's all anonymous so why not :)

It's scientifically proven that when the body dies an energy is released... that same energy is found circling the earth. This could quite possibly be some sort of combined consciousness/midway point...

That being said here are some truths I know:
1. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed...simply transformed...

2. We have the ability to transform energy at will...

3. According to the super-string theory beneath the protons/neutrons/electrons and even beneath the quarks... and beneath whats beneath that... eventually you get down to little vibrating strings of energy that connect everything...

OK... that being said... we have the ability to transform energy at will... and at the base of everything is energy... therefore it stands to reason that we can transform anything at will with enough training and practice...

There are stories of people doing amazing things... this could be more intuitive for these people than for the rest of us however we all do still have the ability...
O.K. Now we get into some weird stuff :P

I hold the belief that we emit different energies depending on our mood/thoughts/motives... others pick up on this energy and either benefit or not due to it. This energy comes back to us.. this relates to the Buddhist definition of karma...

I hope to learn more about energy and the ability to mold and transform it as well as the effects it has on the different chakras... I am going to be taking some classes in Riki healing as soon as I am able to afford it.

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3 Responses Jul 16, 2007

Woo Woo! Finally--someone talking about Super String Theory. I gotta kiss your forehead on that one. Are You a Holographic Universe fan as well? And--Ooh--but what about Dark Energy?<br />
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And since Xeno has not shown up for YEARS--if you reading this and digging on what this conversation could be--scribble me a comment about it so we can talk....

This is all so interesting! <br />
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There is a Reiki clinic near me, I think it would be very cool to learn how to do that, but I can't afford it either!<br />
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I would love to be able to read and see the auric energy fields of other people. I am able to feel my energies when I do certain exercises - they felt kind of squishy...springy... well, it's hard to describe LOL<br />
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I think that our energy fields constantly give off and absorb energy from others, pretty much what you were saying Xeno, and can be beneficial or destructive to us.<br />
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I love talking about this stuff, I just hope I don't sound too crazy. :P<br />
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Anyway, I'd love to hear more abstract thoughts. :)

well i guess that was a bit TOO abstract LOL it is more of a summary there is more too it but i guess i won't bore y'all