My Brother John And His 6itch Are Animals

all they ever do is put me down and put my sister and dad and mum down.

they think they are better then us just cuz they shaggg and work 

but they had a lot given to them and life easily dished out on  a platter by all and sundry

my brother almost burnt down the a house we were renting and he has abused me

he used to yell at me and say he was gonna get uncle ron to break me in

he used to call my dad "home-boy and white boy"all the time

he broke a lot of things and covered it up

he thinks I do not know pain or what its like to be bullied and he is wrong

his wife is a complete know all self loving egoist .... she thinks she is a super model

and looks down on everyone around her unless she can control them and get what she wants out of people

I think my brother and his wife would steal my bag and get me raped...

they are both so mental and sadistic

john is not the person he used to be ... he was a nicer person before he met Karen

karen has an animal in side of her .... she is evil

I was a bit intimidated when I first met her ... as I was a fat dowdy old maid frump bum dog

when she met me... after what uncle ron did to me....

as I got to know her she seemed nice suprisingly ... but she changed in 2003

I seen a person that was once friendly and caring turn into a monster to be honest

she didn't want to talk to us and she made nasty comments to my sister saying people were allowed to abuse others if they were jealous of others

I wondered how she would feel if she was on the other end of that?

it hurt me when she said "there is something in that house holding catherine back""

I don't know what it is other than bad fate, or a cruel person who does not want to see me have a nice life .... that could be joyce, any relative, any person who was pretending to be a friend.  

I just wonder how Karen would feel if she knew someone murdered a man who molested her for years and would not allow her story to be told and get justice....

something hurt more karen and john the cars and girls (or cars and guys)

like getting to the truth and having the freedom to be allowed to live without a menacing freak like Joyce ...

Joyce the murderer... !!!! Joyce the killer.... Joyce the rapist,,, Joyce the abuser... Joyce the back stabber

Joyce the one who can't allow the course of justice to take place... Joyce the one who wants to be king and master of us all.

hmmmm,.... so we all have our demons and enemies .... we all have our crosses to bare

but I hope I never end up as evil as John or Karen or Joyce!!!

and they might have got me raped ... but they can't make me marry an old fart or someone I don't want to.....

the law will not let them... !!!! so while they may think they have won making me look old .... the frump dog old maid spastic

while they are the la de das like Sue and Joyce and how perfect their kids are... John also told my mother that he knew I would never molest stephanie... so 

call me all the deviates under the sun ... but does that make you ? when you are so ruthless and I know Karen wanted to get me raped because someone in her family raped her... that was all part of her plan to push me down in the gutter and beat me at everything in life...

and Joyce helped her do all that ... cuz Joyce was so jealous she used any situation and anyone she could to take me down... all she needed to do was swing the carrot in front of their nose.

that is the dutch way!!!! like I said ... if karen thinks ken is so perfect then I think she should marry him and leave me out of the picture ....

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I don't have a brother anymore... I don't have a niece and nephew <br />
<br />
I don't want to know Jerk John and Kooky Karen ... <br />
<br />
their nothing but ar se h ol es... <br />
<br />
enjoy the trouble you and nick or bruce or what ever the ffff his name is... !!!! cuz you will be in the trouble longer than me.