I recently got a divorce. My ex was emotionally abusive and nothing I did made him happy. He actually wanted the divorce but for some reason still finds it necessary to be cruel to me - for example, he emailed me today telling me how many dates he's had since we divorced 6 WEEKS AGO and even informed me that one of the dates was to a restaurant we went to often. He gave this information under the guise of proving he hadn't dated before we separated. I will. Hey tonight I went over to a friend's house who just got a Bengal cat/kitten. It's 5 months old and the same size as a regular grown cat. She said it'll weigh 35 or 40 lbs. I want one!!!The weird thing is that right up until the day we had a stupid argument that resulted in "we're getting a divorce" he wanted to spend every minute with me, was jealous of my daughter and kept talking to me about us buying a new house. I want to move on and be happy he's out of my life but he really wore me down emotionally. I am exhausted and question myself constantly.
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I'm not sure how the cat part got stuck in the middle of my post.