My 85 Year Old Abusive Father

Well, I am sure I am not the only one that had to deal with a father that terrorised all of his 9 children on a daily basis.  This also includes abusing my sweet mother who has now passed away..Myearliest memories are of him taking out his anger on my brothers because they had urinated in their bed.  He would go after them with the broom handle when they would try to hide under their beds trying to hide from his beating.  Another of my memories is of him holding up my sweet 4 year old sister by her arm and swating her bum and pulling her hair because she had said a  bad word...She did not even know what she had done wrong..He is now 85 years old and broke his hip last year.  So my sisters and I were there for him even though he did not deserve any of our kindness.  We moved him closer to home so we could take him to his medical appointments and we found him a doctor.  We made him home made meals and shovelled his driveway whenever we had to take him out.  This summer he decided to sell his house so we helped him with the emptying of all his junk, and then doing a yard sale for him..He then accused my husband of selling hi $20.00 ratchet set to someone, even though he had told him he could take it...Crasy man...A few months ago, one of my sisters called him to tell him off and to remind him of all the abuse he put us all through and since then, he no longer communicates with us.  We have tried but he doesn't return any of our phones.  By the way our baby sister commited suicide two years ago after struggling with diabetes and depression all of her life..She tried to please our father all of her life...He is a bad father and now we have to deal with a father that is still alive and I wished he was dead and can't wait till ...he dies....

lisemarie lisemarie
51-55, F
Nov 2, 2009