The Reality He Can't See

Hi. I wrote this while trying to imagine what he must be thinking when he says "You do this (pick fights) on purpose." Writing this helped me to a new perspective; and I like it ALOT better than the old one. I'm outta here. I hope this helps someone else to gather their awesome power. Peace, Donna

Why must we suffer the foolish
Whose minds are so weak
A woman can easily break them
By daring to question or speak?

Just offer a simple solution.
Be a kind and thoughtful mate,
Then watch how fast a weak mind,
Can go from love to burning hate.

My great power overtakes his will
Til all reasoning has ceased,
His broken excuse-for-a-mind
Lay shattered by this beast.

His thrashing and smashing
And gnashing of teeth,
The grunting and screaming make
me weak in the knees.

The eyes blazing hatred,
Beating his breast;
My divine creation
Thirsts for my death.

Though I must stop him soon,
I've proven, yet again
That I am God and Master
Of this defeated little man.

So, at the very last second,
With a sigh and rolling eyes,
I silence my minion
With a mouthful of lies.

"You were right." "Please don't hurt me."
Or "I'm sorry." will do.
Almost anything works
On this weak-minded fool.

The banishment of my tormenter.
Leaves the idiot to believe,
That he's frightened me into submission.
And strutting in the victory he perceives.

But I kindly give him his moment.
Knowing he'll never really get it-
How one tough ***** turned him inside-out
Without even breaking a sweat.

For the slow-thinking among us,
Who are still to stupid to see it:
I win.
You lose.
If that's life,
So be it.
-Donna Louise Baker Dec 1, 2012

ladymadonna11 ladymadonna11
41-45, F
Dec 2, 2012