I'm a Colorado native and we don't have a true accent, but I was raised by my grandmother who has a Virginian/North Carolinian accent and I spent alot of time with her family. Every now and then I get a twang going especially when I'm around other people from the same area.
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I try not to buy into that whole " the further north you are, the more superior you are" mentality,except for those lower Floridians. They're just all completely insane.

yeah, us southerners do that a lot.... except I come from the very deep south. So when we talk, you guys thing we're stupid and we get a jump on you:-)

I'm from a very small town in Alabama. When I lived in Atlanta, people made fun of me constantly. My ex-boyfriend once told me that I was never allowed to say the word "afternoon" in his presence again because my pronunciation of the word made it almost indiscernible. I guess I do sorta have a Steel Magnolias thing going on, but it seems sort of pretentious to try to lose the accent I was raised with in order to avoid ridicule. Besides, it's easier to get the jump on people when they just automatically assume that you're an idiot because of the way that you speak.