Ya well I'm Australian so I have an Australian accent. People I meet from different countries are always telling me Aussie accents are hot but I think they sound stupid. Like if you hear an Aussie actor in an American film it just sounds so wrong. I guess we probably don't sound like that in real life tho. I probably should visit another country to see if the ladies are really into it :P
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yeeeeh, im australian and on tv in some shows we sound so different and not like we really talk. Take julia gillard for example, her voice makes people think we all talk like that, when no we don't :)

Technically everyone has an accent. Im american and i have an accent. In the U.S there are a bunch of different american accents too. Ive been told my accent makes me sound uneducated, but i dont really notice it lol and i agree with you, I think American films do tend to exaggerate the australian accent

Yeah, I'm fully convinced he only loves me for my accent. >:D<br />
<br />
All the jokes and laughter are really just light hearted teasing. I still won't tell him no though... Wait... Maybe that's why he teases me about it....

One bit of advice for your travels: never say no to an American because they will spend the next three hours laughing at the fact that you managed to fit every vowel in the alphabet into that two letter word.

I'm the same. Everyone I talk to who is not Australian are all "OMG! Your accent is so hawt!" (Although the American boyfriend gets great enjoyment out of teasing me about my long vowels. lol) Then I hear our accent next to that of an American or Brit and I'm like; O.O "Do we really sound that bad!?"

You guys do have a very weird accent but then again I am from MN and they say we have a weird accent, I dont like how they use it on tv or something, Its all like "You bet cha!" lmao! Thats so not how we talk.

What are you talking about Aussie accents are hot especially Hamish and Andy.


Yes, come to Cali first!

I have a Welsh accent .. nothing compares. Come to Wales and see how stupid you think sound then! :p im off to Oz to *hopefully* pick up some of your accent :)

accents r soooo cute!^-^

Lol ...seriously ...come to America with that accent and you wont know what to do with all the ladies that will swarm all over you !<br />
<br />
....just uh ...make sure you share Mr. Wingman ;)

Woah dude! Come to California! Me and my roommates will go CRAZY over youu! :)

Dude, im telling u, im one of those people who think Australian accent is sexy. Why do u think it sounds stupid lol.