By George, She's Got It!

I was at an office in the Middle East waiting to renew my car insurance policy when my hand phone rang. I took the call and was speaking in a foreign language when the young Caucasian teller waved me to her desk.

I gestured politely to her that I needed a minute to receive the call

Another customer took over my turn while I waited for mine again to be called out.

I realised the wait was long thereafter and once the last customer was assisted, I smiled at the clerk.

She smiled back and nodded her head for me to come forward. She then dialled a number on the phonepad.

I heard her saying, this is Amanda from Assuming Insurance, I have your wife here with us, Sir.I don't think she speaks English. How can I help her, Mr Forthright"

I smiled impishly. I heard Amanda exclaimed Oh, Maybe I have the Wrong file".

I decided to intervene.

I told Amanda "Madame, I think you will find my English adequate enough. Shall we go ahead and process the premiums, please".

Her jaw dropped.


My French accent is good but my English Accent, is absolutely divine.

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain....and where is the bla$ted plain, Eliza? In Spain, in Spain........LOL

I have not one, but a few accents.



Duchessforthright Duchessforthright
3 Responses Apr 2, 2012

Aye, and some stories here have class while others have spice.<br />
<br />

B, have you been cooking again? ;)

Oh how I wish I could follow you around and witness all these adventures! haha...

EP is a great place to share our experiences. We can be transported to any place, moments and situation through our stories and comments. Hang on tight Dat;)

That is simply marvelous. :) I reckon you always have some people surprised at you.

I attract them like magnets lol. Nice to reminisce. Family thinks I'm a born story teller. Don't know if that is a compliment or not;)