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Im so sick of that fact that when i order ,no one understands a word i say.
For example when i say i want three burgers the guys says says box im like oh my god are you serious lol,I hate ordering food its such a a headache.
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I feel your pain!I have a strong Geordie (Northumbrian- north English) accent.<br />
<br />
Me: Weor does tha boos stap?<br />
Them: Sorry, say that again?<br />
Me *speaking slower*: Weor does tha boos stap?<br />
Them: Um, can you say it one more time?'s just you're quite...strong.<br />
Me: Aah well, divvent worry aboot tha , it happens a lot. Weh Geordies are used te having te syah things agyen an agyen- we've got a strong accent, wi hev te live wi't. <br />
Them: Um. Okaaaay.<br />
Me *putting on a terrible southern english accent* Where...does...that...bus...stop?<br />
Them: OH! Sorry...bla bla bla.

Ach, ah ken whit ye mean. Last Setturday, ah fancied a wee bit scran gaun hame. So ah stapped aff at a chippie.

Haw, gonnae gie\'s a wee poky chips an a can a Cally

Naw, wur huvna ony. Whit aboot a Stella Artois?

Naw. Jist the wan\'ll dae.

You must be like my husband a mumbler.

Nah maybe i dont speak loud enough

Me<<>> excuse me!
Waitress >>> oh you mean WAADAH
Me<<< FFS it's not that difficult to figure out???? PURRLEEZ 😙!

Haha your funny

I feel your pain, I'm Dominican and I been in USA for almost 10 years and my accents still the same. I'm not gonna lie sometime I feel embarrass that I been here so long and still have accent. Like it holds me back from being outgoing.

hello,Im from England but originally Palestinian.

Don't be embarrassed theres nothing wrong with that

I've joined EP just to practice my English! Everyone here says that I sound like an Indian guy :P

oh dear