British.. which here in America seems to get quite a bit of attention.
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I love my British people though despite the misjudgement of accents, haha.<br />
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The security guard at my word keeps thinking I'm Canadian although sometimes I think he's winding me up. When I was younger, my family used to tease me by saying I sounded like I was from the Northern US. They would call me Yankee Baby.<br />
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A lot of British people are ignorant.. *smirk* <br />
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Texan sounds nothing like Canadian! *shakes head*

I'm originally from Texas but living in England. All the British people tend to think I'm Canadian for some reason. But when I went back to Texas to visit family, a lot of people were telling me that I had a slight accent on some words and our waitress at Pizza Hut actually thought I was from England. I still think I sound American though.<br />
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Yeah.. I get some people who say that too ;-)

They used to like hearing me speak in the US, just for the accent!

My Love has lived here since 1978 and still sounds 99% British, but He was ten when He moved here. I doubt, at My age, Ill lose My British accent now.

Haha.. We are going to Dallas next summer too! ;-)

when did you lose yours?

mirandajmaddox is right...british accents are cute! I didnt feel that way though until I lost mine -_-

I love most accents here.. especially Jewish new York type.. like Anne Bancroft ;-)

I think american accents stop people in their tracks here in britain, well they do me anyway, dont hear them very often but an american guy asked me for directions once and we spent a while chatting, i think its a very approachable accent.

Shut up mudblood!!! *smirk*

I know this does nothing for Your evil street cred but it is because Your accent is.... CUTE!

How long have you lived in america? Ive only been here a year so Mine is still totally British.