Mine Is Southern

I hate my accent with a passion. It's southern. I was born a northern girl and didn't move south until I was about 19. I've always had this accent.
I hate when people feel it's their job to tell me that I have an accent and then they want to ask 50 million questions about it. I just tell them that I got it from being in Texas too long.
I hate the people who have to make fun of my accent. These people have small minds and don't think that just maybe it might hurt someone's feelings when they are being made fun of.
I also don't really like to talk alot because of it. which then makes me feel like people probably think I'm a snob or something. Oh well, people will always judge people.
jrdnjstn jrdnjstn
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1 Response Jul 20, 2007

I was born and raised in Dallas and find it odd that people make fun of your accent, I find most people enjoy most differences in accents especially Texas which is much less draw then some southern states so maybe your hanging around the wrong people. I love my accent I can lay it on thick or make it hardly noticeable. Might want to practice another accent if you don't like it and it's effecting you that harshly.