I Have an accent! :-)

I to!  have an accent,. Being born and bred in ''Wales'' i have the strong  Welsh accent,.  If you have, ever, heard Tom Jones and Catherine Zeta Jones, speak, that's how i sound, they are the only two i can liken my accent to!  , though my voice is of a feminine nature! i hasten to add!

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Awwwww!!! SM2010!! :) sounds "cute"!! lol :)

Roxanne :) i am truly "tone deaf" lmao" lol i cannot sing to save my life! ha!!ha!ha!!ha! :) I know the "Welsh have a reputation, for their beautiful voices" me!!!! "nah" lol :) Again thank you for your feedback! :)

Awwwww!!! cjpsf5 :) thank you so very much!! :) what a beautiful thing to say!! thank you!! :) And thank you for your feedback to my friend! :)

Ha!!ha!!ha!! :) SM2010!! yes i have heard you! and you sound so beautiful! lol :) thank you for sharing with me!! my young friend! :)

Babe. Tone deaf ehh... Lol<br />
<br />
Mother yes you have a Chinese accent with a Canadian one.

Very sexy !

Ha!!ha!!ha!! Roxanne!! my darling!! where have you been!!?? lol :) <br />
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Awwwww!! Roxanne! lol they can sing! :) "Me" !!!, "tone deaf" ha!!ha!!ha!! :) Thank you, my darling for your valued feedback :)

All I will say Babe is "what's occurin". lol<br />
Of course the welsh are renowned for their beautiful voices.<br />
Aled Jones, Katherine Jenkins.

Oh! yes the "Welsh" countryside, the mountains the scenery in both the North and South are, beautiful!! :) Lol yes! i think it would be better to travel down the M6 lol!!,. The winding country roads! :) My uncle who lived in London once told me he would rather drive in London than on the "B" roads in Wales!! lol Oooh! that sounds interesting your a coach driver then!?? Is that a holiday company thing!?? :) <br />
Thank you darling for your valued feedback!! :)

i have been down to both north and south wales, and driving down that a road that goes from north to south,it would have been better to go down the m6 than to have taken that( a ) road ,but it was a nice drive,over the mountains,i was driving a coach,but did not like the south as much ,more the mountains in the north,i have driven round there 5 times,with the coach.

Ooooh! yes! isn't it just something, sierra!!?? the world is a vast ball!!! of all countries, then all of a sudden, we have a "contribution" such as this!! "makes you think" my young friend, doesn't it?? lol :) Thank you my young friend for your feedback chick!!! :)

I love accents! How cool you two might have walked right past each other! The world is so big but sometimes it almost seems to shrink for a moment like this! So cool!

Oooh!! :) I bet i might have passed you unknowingly in and around those parts of South Wales at that time, i was always in those areas, with my friends, of course, i like you would have been in my late teens early twenties lol :) especially Ponypool and Cwmbran! lol they are only down the road from where i live lol wow!! small world, jimmyrudyjump!! lollol :) Oh!! yes Croesyceiliog, inbetween Newport and Cwmbran! wow!!! yeah! know it well! :) <br />
Yes! Jasper Carrott, was on the Welsh stations then with the Carrott half hour and shows like that! good grief, you have a good memory! :) Ha!!ha!!ha!! i am visualising you in that three wheeler car! lmao!! lol :) Wow!!! how interesting is this!! :) Thank you so much for sharing that with me! :)

Spent some time in Wales, back in 1980 or 1981... Cwmbran. Took the bus in London Victoria Bus Station to Newport. The girl I went to visit lived in a small village called Croesyceiliog...<br />
Is where I came to know Jasper Carrott on the Welsh TV...<br />
Went to Pontypool as well for the registration of a car -a funny but bloody dangerous threewheeler...

Hiya!!! Robyn1972, pleased to hear from you, Thank you for your comment,. (New South Welsh) i like that,. lol I guess we are sort of cousins, :-) in a way, you being from, Australia, and i part of the U.K. A lot of the Welsh people went to live in Australia,. May i ask do you consider yourself welsh? my friend!,.