although I don't hear it, anyone from outside the South here in the States notices and makes a doesn't bother me for people to make mention of it as long as they don't have negative input
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Yup, you should all come visit =)<br />
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Oh how lovely. :)

Nope, it's not too invasive. I'm actually in England now. People are a bit nicer and more accepting than in New Jersey. =)<br />
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Well are you back in the South now? Or is that too invasive? Wherever you are, I hope you are being treated with the respect you deserve.

Yeah, it was horrible living up there and knowing that no one liked you simply because you weren't Northern =(<br />
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I missed the southern hospitality when I lived up there. Mostly everyone is nice is the south.<br />
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That is. I just vacationed in Texas and everyone was super nice to me.

Aww that's terrible Nostalgic.

I'm from Texas and when I lived in New Jersey for 6 months, people were so rude to me there. They'd always make fun of the way I said certain words or when I said "y'all". And it wasn't the nice way of joking. They were seriously mean =(<br />
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Thank you Goldie.<br />
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Very much so Juan. I have found that different pockets of the country side has their own phrases they use in conjunction with the usual country speak.

Oh well done SFM, well done. :)

Hickbilly is northern country talk. At least that is how we refer to up here. <br />
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"Let me put this wursh (wash) up, (on clothes line) and gitya sum cawfay (coffee). Din wheel sit down anhava real nice gab. Doncha know Jenny is now gots to be on the county (welfare) She needsta farm out herself. (do some work for others) We's gonna have Jimmy out ta fix da dang barn door, buts hes gotta come from miles out. So ya stayin taeat or didja?"

'warsh' isn't southern to me, it's country and country can be anywhere in the States. Granted there are a lot of people who speak that way in the South. :)

haha yes it is nice to hear when you haven't heard it in while.

yes hickbilly is difficult to understand :)

Oh you know it :P

Oh my, I leave for a few hours and I have much reading to catch up to the conversation.<br />
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I also drop the 'g' at the end of words. I do say "y'all" on occasion. I like to think overall I don't do too terrible, of course pay no mind to the way I type. :)<br />
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We have plenty of different accents here as well Fazer. There are a few people in my area I can barely understand a word they say because they're so 'country' 'hickbilly' whatever you would like to call it. A mechanic tried to tell me about a 'wore' he was replacing and I had to get him to repeat several times before realizing he meant a wire.

Now 'fixin' I am horrible at saying, I admit that. I use it without knowing I do, I try to not use it but it just comes out.<br />
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SFM: it's amazing what cocktails can make you do :)

haha tekkamaki, that's too funny. Do you use the phrases you mentioned?<br />
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juan: sounds as though you take a bit from around you. :)

My accent, although cleverly concealed most of the time, is Hickbilly and sneaks out only after several cocktails served in the proper situation.

Well I will talk like that when joking around with friends and what not but I know when to speak proper. We find humor in our slang just as much as anyone else. :)

oh Bass, thank you. That's a nice thing to say from this southerner's point of view. :)

Why thank you Scarlet.<br />
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I'm sure that Carolina drawl of yours is quite nice.

People from the northern US will probably bash me but the further south I've traveled in the States, the nicer the people have been. I just love the southerners; cute little accent and all :)

haha oh yes hollyburd. There are certain words or phrases and I think 'holy **** I'm southern as hell'. You know it's thick when you hear it yourself. :)

Well I'm sure the owner of that accent appreciates you saying that Fazer.

Well I'm not sure. Some say it's quite thick and of course they like it :)<br />
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I just don't hear it.