I Have A Confusing Acid Problem

ok, so ive dropped cid twice, and both times were very very confusing, so i wonder if anyone can help me?

I dropped with my two friends the first time (John and Bailey) and we experienced so many new things, like the visuals were one thing, but then there was this weird phenomenon we nicked "The Predicament".

Now, we sat on acid for like 10-12 hours trying to describe "it" and after roughly 15 seconds of absolute clarity and trying to project "it", we'd find ourselves getting owned by the Predicament. Like , it would literally stop us in our tracks where we were speaking, not because it shut our mouths, we'd just reached the limit of our explanation, but with no clearer understanding of the predicament... The closest we got to touching on it was "It's like looking into a mirror, with a mirror behind you and a mirror to ur diagonal left and right, seeing urself projected into so many different forms and scenarios that ur not sure which one is actually you, and which one is the 1st projected image and so on."

We managed to figure out life, i mean really, that was super easy, but this predicament has owned me and my friends for quite some time now, and i want to know if anybody else has experienced a similar "predicament" and if anybody has gotten to a point where it makes relative sense to them as we really need help lol.

Help appreciated,

Ninja :)
Ninja45 Ninja45
22-25, M
Jul 22, 2010