Very Active Fantasy World

For about a few years now I have an active fantasy world in my head that I partially intergrated some social aspects of a certain JRPG that shall remain nameless. but its cause of this I wanted to write my world out as a story focusing on a single character who does not want to be a heroic adventurer. Much like life, what we want is not always what we get.

The hard part is trying to focus on it. I have a good concept of the people and the places. its the social aspects and business, I want to focus on in this world. Cause to me its not enough just to create a city or metropolis within my world I want to know how does it run, what are its major imports and exports. Find out what makes the place tick and how does it affect the region around it.

I am not worried about the plot either, just to show how long ive been thinking of this world. I have a timeline that spans major events of the worlds history from its creation to the seperation, and a 10,000 year gap of on and off wars with growth and decimation being a common theme, to the return of the two world again. but beyond that is left open.

If anyone has any questions about the world; ill be happy to answer them when I can.
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Jan 8, 2013