Married To Money And So Unhappy !!

Hi everyone!! I have such an addiction with money and riches and luxury, that I am actually making myself sick with it!! I am married to a very rich man who is dominating, controlling and demanding and I am dying to get out -- except that I just can't let go of my attachment to the lifestyle he's given me....... he knows that, and can do anything he wants, even cheat around etc, because he knows I can't leave that easily.......

 He even forced me to have more kids when I didn't want any, and i went along, because I thought he'd kick me out and then I'd lose it all....... so i even went through a forced unwanted pregnancy, for money.......... that was the botoom line.

I am sick of everything -- sick of selling my dignity, sick of selling myself....... but I just can't get over my addiction............. I'm considering having therapy for this........

vickya vickya
31-35, F
3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

then just take my money and not worry

Vickya - your thoughts are your intentions, and your intentions drive your world whether you believe this or not. How our unbalanced lives get rebalanced is when what is making us unhappy is removed from our Life.

Believe me I am addicted to money, but materialism made me ill and unwell, so Life conspired to make me go bankrupt. Now all that I have fits into a 25 kg suitcase and I am free from attachments and I can no choose what I want to do, more importantly, I can choose what I want to be.

Keep being unhappy and your next Life crisis will set you free. Or you can decide to change your Life now - and make a positive choice too.

I know how it feels to want money, unfortunately I have very littlet of it and I am struggling to make my bills with 4 kids. I know that it must be a great feeling to have money and luxury, but what about your feelings and your life? I know that God can help you get out of a bad situation if you truly want it but you have to let go of wanting the money so bad. Take it from a young mom who knows, I would love to have the money to take my kids to the beach, they have never been on any type of vacation but I can't afford it, but then I try to tell myself that money isn't everything(but sure is nice to have. Feel free to write back .