Path Of Destruction

everytime i drink or do drugs i usually wake up with nothing but ruins around me and a lot of angry messages, and thats when i dont wake up in jail.  i know i need to stop but its hard with the friends i have and the lifestyle i need. Ive lost a lof good friends and ruined a couple of good relationships and made my self look like an idiot to the whole world. This needs to stop but its so hard!  .... any good tips
Surrealist12 Surrealist12
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 20, 2012

change your mindset about what you need - dont cop out, we all do in different ways, but be as honest with yourself as you can. Be aware we all have issues in our past that affect our mindset, front up and get your hands dirty. Dont put too much pressure on yourself, but dont be too leniant either! Imagine to yourself the person you want to be - the best of who you are, your virtues and strengths, and keep focusing on that, dont let negative thoughts rule your mind. In sc<x>ripture its called casting down of vain imaginations... its hard to be honest with yourself and remain positive without the knowlege of the grace, mercy, and love of God.... I dont imagine its at all possible. Arrogant people have got to be deluded! we are all flawed... Hmmm.... any way Good luck, God bless. I hope you find your strength of character, I believe it is there!! Because you ask the right questions...