Hey Everyone.... Catch Up Time....

Hey Guys,
I know I haven't been on in a long time, I wish I was! So I'm half way through my C&A Group and I have been doing awesome! I'm going to meetings, and putting a lot of work into my recovery. I have also been taking the medication BacLifen, for addiction (Look it up on youtube or online this med. works people, i've neem it work for 10 plus over people!!). WOW i recommend it to anyone! Cravings have gone down to 2-3 times a day, to never... I was prob thinking about using about 20-50 times a day... I have been staying VERY BUSY! staying positive, i had a great Christmas. I stopped using right for xmas came, I've been clean. I used one time in the last 35 days... ;) I'm going through a lot tho, my boyfriend is leaving Monday morning, i told him i need a break we got into a horrible fight that I don't care to rehash at all...
Also tomorrow my step dad is coming down to give me my old dog, when i lived with my mom and him we had two dogs, General and Jesse. Male and female, the male had to be put down last month. German Shepard's have bad hip problems and he couldn't even get up to use the bathroom any more... Sad ;( Those dogs where my mother life! She's prob looking down smiling that Jesse is gunna come live with me... Besides now that **** (my bf) is leaving I deff want a dog in the house. But I'm going through an emotional time, I'm finally starting to feel feelings that I haven't in soo long, I turn for happy or sad, to out of my damn mind in two secs flat! The fight we had was just too much, my body can't take it any more, and everything was perfect so that just shows me that even when things are good we will always fight like cats and dog's we just have soo much history together... I love him sooo much but i want more, i hate lazy... and with all this new found energy, and want to do things, i just wanna run **** lmao!!! This is my year, I'm doing this right... I know what I want, and I'm coming to get it at full speed... But I'm at work now, I want to write more but the next few days are going to be nuts! Thank you to everyone that has responded to my stories and all that, i love the support and if it wasn't for that I prob wouldn't be on here... ;)
teeheartmarie teeheartmarie
22-25, F
Jan 12, 2013