Ever since i got the best of my addiction, i haven't felt that anything has had any power over me ever again. I had an addiction, but now with my strength i no longer do.

Arorin Arorin
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10 Responses Feb 14, 2010

yeah addiction is tough but a strong mind can get you past anything, except for nachos cause they are too good.

That's awesome: I have yet to do this... Annnd.. Yeah nachos are awesome. :]


Ah, Im going about it all the wrong way...****

yeah, but they can be a reward for when you do good!

I dunno, need to stay on a diet now :(

but it is a good hooked!

I am, and nachos, you got me hooked

Ok fine but you have to be addicted to me too!

Yay!<br />
<br />
Now you're just addicted to me! <br />
You know you can't get enough of me...hehe