Unfortunetly For Me I'm Addicted To The 3 "c's" : Coffee, Cones And Ciggarettes.

14 years old for me, was the age when most things changed, it was at about this time in my life that I first tried Mary-Jane and cigarette's and coffee.
These gradually became addictions for me that now dominate and slowly ruin my life! Although I can feel them killing me (and I don't want to die) I can't seem to quit.
I'm still looking for answers/ solutions, tobacco is in the firing line first, as I think it's the worst for me.
If you have succeeded in this battle, please tell me how!
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2 Responses Oct 16, 2011

Was a weed smoker for 30 years, and other drugs ,too.<br />
Never thought I would be able to live without drugs n a high.<br />
Then went to NA meetings n within a year I was clean of all drugs.You can check out the website its NA dot org .Thousands of ppl in every state is staying drug free through this way.<br />
Haven't been able to kick ciggarettes though, as yet,maybe because I don't want to much.<br />
But I will kick the ciggs within a year.Not a heavy user of caffeine , so no idea.<br />
You can 'pm' me for any question you have.<br />
Love n Hugs

cones and ciggs will be hard, i found i got headaches when the caffine was reduced, i suggest hypnotism, its expensive, but then again so is the 3 C's. good luck