Unfortunetly For Me I'm Addicted To The 3 "c's" : Coffee, Cones And Ciggarettes.

14 years old for me, was the age when most things changed, it was at about this time in my life that I first tried Mary-Jane and cigarette's and coffee.
These gradually became addictions for me that now dominate and slowly ruin my life! Although I can feel them killing me (and I don't want to die) I can't seem to quit.
I'm still looking for answers/ solutions, tobacco is in the firing line first, as I think it's the worst for me.
If you have succeeded in this battle, please tell me how!
pukpuk69 pukpuk69 41-45, F 2 Responses Oct 16, 2011

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Was a weed smoker for 30 years, and other drugs ,too.

Never thought I would be able to live without drugs n a high.

Then went to NA meetings n within a year I was clean of all drugs.You can check out the website its NA dot org .Thousands of ppl in every state is staying drug free through this way.

Haven't been able to kick ciggarettes though, as yet,maybe because I don't want to much.

But I will kick the ciggs within a year.Not a heavy user of caffeine , so no idea.

You can 'pm' me for any question you have.

Love n Hugs

cones and ciggs will be hard, i found i got headaches when the caffine was reduced, i suggest hypnotism, its expensive, but then again so is the 3 C's. good luck