It Seems Like Anything & Everything

I was told by a doctor from a young age that I have an addictive personality. It never meant much to me. I never looked into what it even meant to have an "addictive personality." But today as I think about this...I know that doctor was right on target!

It seems like ANYTHING & EVERYTHING can become an addiction.

I have always had a food addiction. I replaced that for a drug addiction. I replaced that for an alcohol addiction. I replaced that for an attention addiction. I replaced that for a bulimia addiction. I replaced that for a fetish addiction. I replaced that for a **** addiction. I replaced that for a gaming addiction. I replaced that for an internet addiction. I replaced that for prescription drugs...You get the picture!

All of these things became such an obsession at some point in my life. It is hard because I constantly feel the need to comfort myself with something and I can NEVER seem to get enough.

So frustrating...
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5 Responses Nov 22, 2011

Exactly the same thing here. I was also told many years back that I have addictive personality and I didn't think about it or look it up either then. My addictions have been also eating/food, cigarettes, making music and other creative stuff (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), alcohol (though the nature of my drinking has varied over the years). I've been sober now for 4 weeks and I've started to replace the drinking with eating fatty foods, candy and Coke Zero. I have just always had this craving for something and I just want more... But I strongly have started to suspect that I might have ADD. That could explain the addictive behavior among a large bunch of other things in my life...


Best wishes.<br />
I prayed for you. lol.

You sound like you spend allot of your time alone?? Have you gotten away from all of these addictions or are you just adding to them?

We've all been there. I've been addicted to junk food for quite a while and I'm trying to quit but it's hard to do. Everyone has an addiction and everyone has a problem or two to worry about, we all manage to find a solution to our problems and addictions, hopefully, you'll find a way to kick the habit. Your not alone in this, because I'm going through an addiction or two so your not alone.