Not Just Drugs

Not just drugs!! It was shared to me, in NA that we can be addicted to other things. I went home and thought on this and came to the conclusion that Yes I get addicted to allsorts. Recently, I was into my daughters DS game. I played and played Mario Cart then one day I just drop it, not into it anymore! Similar the Ipod, played same songs, sang them too, then grew sick of it! FishVille on Facebook, loved designing tanks,then thanks to a cheat it got too easy, and it didn't challenge me anymore!! Now this site, I love it, and enjoy talking to people!! But I now wonder how long will my interest last?? I thought addiction was all about drugs, but I'm wrong!... Its reading, internet, TV,skins,art,games puzzles,sex, many things!! Does anyone else feel this way?? Or is it the nature of us addicts??
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2 Responses Apr 9, 2012

Hey byondgravity, its probably human nature!! but its wierd how I pick things up then suddenly drop them! Well they do say in NA that we remain the age.i.e 16yrs when we first turned to drugs!! So I'm like a retarded 16yr old LOL

Yeah I addicted too many things too like u said.. But eh I just think its normal!! Until u stated that lol! Ahaha