Give Me More Of Everything

Play it again!

Again? Christ, you are going to ruin it! I couldn't possible listen to this song again. It's driving me insane, Phantasia. Let's listen to something else now.

Somthing else? Don't you understand the high this song gives me? The wonderfully warm fuzzy emotion that starts somewhere deep in my brain and spreads all over my body, making me fly, making me feel alive and content, if just for a while.
It's like chocolate, melting in your mouth, making you moan with satisfaction.
Like the first taste of a alcoholic beverage that promises that your head will soon be wrapped in cotton and oblivious to the world outside.

Play it again, and again and again so I can feel it, feel that sensation that never comes otherwise. Play it until I fall down from my high and move on to the chocolate with its sweet dark taste, and after that to the whiskey with its smokey golden promises and after that... more and more and more.
There will allways be more.
Phantasia Phantasia
22-25, F
Jul 7, 2012