Pretty Clear Example Of My Addictive Personality

So Just the other day I start playing an old RPG that I haven't played in many years called "Evergrace". I start playing the game, and remember its notoriously hard difficulty. As hard as it is, I love the game and decided to obtain all the items I could get from the in-game shop at the area before the boss that had me stumped for years. To purchase and fully upgrade about 20 items or so, it costs a large sum of money. I completely disregarded the sheer amount of money I would need to accomplish this task and set my self on killing a few monsters in an area, pick up the money they left, then wait to for them to respawn so I can do it all over again. This process took me seven hours straight. It was a very clear example of my complusive/addictive personality.
fishnchipz18 fishnchipz18
18-21, M
Sep 16, 2012