Pit Bull-like

For as long as I can remember, I've been a bit obsessed and addictive in almost all that I do.  I've been compared to pit bulls in that when I have an idea or an opinion or something I really like or want to do, I grab on and will not let go for the life of me.  This isn't always good. 

Especially when it comes to people.  There have been times when I get so obsessed with someone that I end up pushing them away and then my heart breaks.  Or I'll become so addicted to them that my OCD flares up again and I start losing sleep and become massively frustrated. 

But, it also proves helpful.  You will never see me back down when it comes to things I believe in.  I will fight to the end...even if it's with friends.  You will never question my loyalty to a cause because I'll never let go of my ideals and my morals and my beliefs.  It can get me into some trouble with friends, but I don't give a ****.  I'm not changing so I can "get along" with everyone.  That's just not me. 

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3 Responses Aug 30, 2008

Bioyah...that is so nice..."more CK like every day"....I'm proud of you. And I'll help you stand up for what you believe in any day!!<br />
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XD...I feel your pain, but it's also a wonderful trait to have....we're loyal till the end to the ones we love.

We are so alike. Once something is in my head, I'm done. Once someone is in my head, they are done. :) I have pushed my share of people away with that same behaviour.

You're a good person. Some of my life's regrets were from remaining silent in spite of my beliefs for less important or worse..selfish..reasons. I am becoming more CK like every day I'm happy to say.