I get addicted to habits.  This includes tv shows I watch, video games I play, and just routines I fall into.

I am also addicted to sex.  Plain and simple.  I'm not just horny, because sometimes I jerk off or watch **** when I'm not even horny.  That's an addiction.

I am also addicted to drinking, which is why I do it less now, because I drink too much when I do, and don't like who I become when it happens.

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You have to challenge yourself and try not to think of the things that control you. I have a severe addiction to caffeine, and to overcome it I have given it up for Lent. I do not usually honor Catholic traditions, but in this instance I perceived more to gain than from shunning it, so I decided that for myself it would be important and useful to give something up.<br />
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The only choice for me was which vice to sacrifice for 40 days...I chose coffee, two cups of which per day I drink at a minimum. I find the sacrifice liberating, as long as I stick to it and remind myself I can handle it.

I too have an addictive personality. I am hooked on Caffeine, which I ended up starting along with ephedrine to control my body weight and also get out of a blah feeling that I get when I wake up from taking Klonopin which was prescribed for me about 10 years ago. It keeps me in check since it is an antianxiety drug but the caffeine use with ephedrine leads to severe mood changes, and the tendency to use alchol and or benadryl to get some rest. I need help and would appreciate anyones feedback. I have a good marriage and a supportive mom, so I know there is hope. I just need help.

Balance implies the mixed presence and absence of something. However, with any addiction, the question becomes: can the addict in fact achieve a balance, or is (s)he forever doomed to overindulge? For some addicts, indeed it may be necessary to deny oneself for the sake of preserving one's control. For others, perhaps going to the well isn't so bad, as long as you don't do it too much. Depends on the addict, but also the addiction...

ha ha ha ... yes ... sexual addiction ... one of the addictions that I had to face in my life too ... in the end - like all addictions - this one will hurt you enough for you to want to walk away from it and never look back ... I still enjoy good sex, but there is a time and a place for everything in my life now ... balance ... that is what life is all about ... finding that equilibrium and maintaining it.

It interferes with everything. I admit, it's a problem...but one that is OH so satisfying to succumb to.

How serioius do you think your sexual addiction is? Does it interfer with work or relationships?

Wow, that's very personal. Thank you for sharing. I myself have never been abused in any fashion. I've just always grown up feeling different and out of place. Sometimes that's all you need to throw yourself out of balance with the world...

I can relate being so addicted to sex cost me a marrige. At forty five I put together that I had beeen sexualy abused by a girl twelve years old when I was five after that sex was my focus. Playing doctor was not till I was about ten till I started ******* off. sexteen when I had a steady girl friend this was crazzy everywhere we did it and did it and did it and then new and new and new. They would get tierd of being wanted for sex. Then I would just move on. This caused me much anguish. The reason I mentioned the sexual abuse is because sexual addiction can be a sign.

looks like we have one addiction in common. i think you know me well enough to figure it out. and you are so not wrong for being addicted to sex, if more people were hooked on it maybe the world would be a better place for some might be a little bit higher populated though too. lol

addictions, good or bad we all have them.

We all have habits, some good, some bad. We all have good points and bad points. There will always be things about us we like and dislike. We all do things we like and dislike. Other ppl do things we will like or dislike. The world itself is a learning process and we do the best we can. Also wanted to say I am so proud of you for taking control of your life and what you did about your "drinking" situation. Congrats! Good 4 U.

out i tell you... out... there is only room in my head for me but no more... gggrrr!