My Sisters

Ok, so I have 3 adopted siblings. All of them are girls from China. I just want to say that my life has been blessed so much by them in so many way. I can definitely say that I've learned alot from having them as sisters, especially since I am the oldest and the next oldest is turning 7 this year! Now that I am away from home, I miss them terribly and can't wait to see them again. Just the adoption experience in and of itself has caused me to grow so much. When my parents went to China for the first time, I was able to travel with them to the orphanage where the oldest one was taken care of. As soon as I saw all of the babies, I just felt this love and concern for them. That was one of my first connections to China and to the adoption process. Now after two other sisters from China who were also adopted, I feel as though my life is so much more richer and fuller than if I did not have them in my life. While many of those who we met in China told us that my sisters were lucky to find a family to adopt them, especially in a family from America, I feel as though my family is so much luckier to be able to have my sisters and I would never wish for anything to have been different.
LoraliSophia LoraliSophia
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It sounds like your family is filled with love.