My Baby

Hello everyone, this is my first story in Experience project. So please encourage me to continue the work by posting your valuable comments.
My name is Smitha. I am a married woman. My husband works in Doha for a MNC and we have 3 children.
This incident occurred a year back. You all know, I have a nephew, Aby (your Aby4) and he is not my nephew anymore...He is my dear son-My fourth child-My lovely little baby!!!
As it was summer vacation, my children planned to spend their holidays with their grandparents (my husband’s parents). We went to their house and stayed there for two days. As there was work to do, I returned home. But, how can I stay alone? So I took the phone and called my relatives nearby (Aby’s parents). I told them that the kids are at their grandparents’ so if they could send Aby to me at night. His mom agreed to send him and I disconnected the call after some usual chats.
The time went by. The sun started to make its retreat. Darkness was slowly approaching. Then I heard the calling bell. I opened the door and relieved to see him-Aby. He smiled and I welcomed him inside. I closed the door. We chatted for a while. After some time, I moved to the kitchen, prepared some tea and took it to him. He was watching TV. I sat opposite to him. We talked while watching the TV. In the advertisements, there was a scene one lady breastfeeding her kid. When this clip finished, he suddenly turned his head to me and shook his head and backed away. I didn’t know what happened. He seemed to be fine. I got up and told him that I am going to take bath. He nodded and I made my course to the bathroom.
I was wondering, why he looked straight at me after that ad. What was in his mind? I don’t know. I completed my bathing and I changed to a new red nighty. It was a bit tight and was clearly projecting my assets. Few hours passed by without any change.
As it was getting late, we had our supper and I arranged a bed in the far right corner of my own room. The other rooms were occupied by my children and their stuffs were thrown here and there in the rooms. So it was easy to have his bed in my own room.
We entered the room. He went straight to his bed and bid good night. He covered the blanket over him. I closed the room door and switched off the light. As the light in the dressing table was always lit, there was a dim light in the room. I reached my bed, released my hair bun and bra strap, laid on the bed and closed my eyes.
In the morning, I woke up at 4:30 AM as usual. I stretched my hands and wiped my eyes. I slowly got up. Aby was sleeping merrily in his bed. He was a cute and loveable guy. I didn’t switch on the light in the room. I reached the bathroom and washed my face and mouth. I looked at the mirror and was stunned...
My nighty over my right chest was wet. I was surprised. It wasn’t due to the washing of my face. How is this happened? I don’t know. The gown was wet as though I’ve leaked milk. I checked my breast and I was damn sure that it won’t happen. Then what happened?
I left the bathroom and walked into the kitchen. At almost 7:00 AM Aby rose up and reached the kitchen. By that time I was busy cooking and had forgotten about the dampness in my cloth. I handed him a cup of coffee and he took it. After finishing, he told that he should go and will come at 6:00 in the evening. I agreed and he went out.
Morning was busy and I had many activities. At 6:00PM Aby came home and everything went normal. At about 10:30, we made our way to our beds. I was exhausted due to the abundance of work and went to a deep sleep.
Morning 4:30: I got up walked past Aby to the bathroom and I looked straight into the mirror. My God, My cloth is wet again. At least this time it is over my left breast. What is happening? Is this natural or created? I was doubtful.
When Aby came out of sleep, I handed him the tea. I was watching him and noticed that his eyes are reaching the wet spot on me. He left the house and went to his daily business.
During daytime, I was analysing the situation. The TV was on and the same advertisement came in front of me. All of a sudden, everything’s clicked. I remembered the action of Aby when he watched this ad. He was looking straight at me...precisely to my chest. Yes. He is the one. That naughty boy wants to feed from me. I must catch him and correct him...this behaviour is not good for him.
Aby arrived. Night advanced. It is time to bed. He entered the room and acquired his bed. He’d not shown any changes. Great thief... I thought. Before closing the light, I looked at him and he had thrown a slight look at me. The lights went out. I began to sleep.
Actually I was awake. I knew that he will come to my chest. I mocked a sleep and after one hour or two, I saw a head rising from the nearby bed. He tossed the blanket sideways. He was on his feet. He slowly reached my bedside and knelt before me. I had my hand below my head and body was stretched to give him a clear view of my chest. He lowered his head on me. He slowly opened his mouth and swallowed a portion of my right breast along with the nighty. Oh... my, ...that’s good. I thought. Even if my breast was covered, it gave me some pleasure. But I shouldn’t fall to that. I have to catch him.
He was unaware that my eyes are open and my hand was approaching his ear. I pinched his ears and he was thrown off from my chest. He looked dumbstruck and looked straight into my eye. Lights were on. He sat on the floor and I stood there. He looked pathetic. I felt angry and at the same time some affection to him (because his looks were so pathetic). He might be thinking about me telling this incident to his mother and his mother punishing him. I asked:
“Aby, why..., why did you this to me?”
He didn’t answer. I repeated and he replied. His reply let my heart fall. His reply was:” I loved to be your son. And I knew simply calling ‘son’ won’t make me your son. Every child is attached to its mother through the sweetness of the milk. The mother and son are bounded through that thread.”
I was speechless. What should I tell? For an instant, I’ve figured him with my 3 children. For that moment I felt him as my baby...But then he came to my mind as a grown up human. I am totally confused. He has really cornered me. I pointed to his bed and he walked and fell onto his bed.
I also went to bed. But his words were revolving inside my head:”I want to be your son...sweetness of milk...mother-son bond....”. I was judging my mind for what to do, whether I should take him or should throw him away?
At 5:00, I got up and took the chair in the dining area. Aby also got up and he sat just opposite to me. Both of us looked up. “Have you decided my punishment?” he asked.”Yes” I replied absentmindedly. I was not sure about what to tell him but I absentmindedly said” I am going to make you my son”...What? I asked my mind... But upon seeing the light in the face of Aby, I thought what’s wrong in it? I’ve done breastfeeding before...what wrong will happen if I feed this lil kid? He was very happy and excited. I told him:”I’ve certain conditions. I will let you suck during night ok?” He agreed. “Also, you want to one more things. I need to lactate in order to give you necessary milk. So, for few days, you won’t get much. It’ll increase as days pass”. I then moved to the sofa and called my little naughty boy to me. He came. I told him to sit down next to me. I brought him onto my lap and there was a hungry look in his eyes. I pinched his cheeks patted his hair kissed on his cheeks and forehead and slowly unhooked the nighty. He suddenly asked: ” Aunty….Oh sorry…Mommy….you said you will give me milk during night only. But…this is morning”.”Yes son. Its morning. Do you have any problem?” . I asked“Nothing” he replied. “ok then,I told you I’ve to lactate properly. So you have to latch on me.”I unhooked my bra and pushed it aside. He opened his mouth and I directed my *** to his mouth.Ahhh… that feeling when he closed his mouth on my nipple… was just awesome. It gave me so much pleasure. He was very lovely in suckling. I remembered the time when I fed my third child. Aby was remembering me of that time. He sucked really like my baby. One of his hands groped my waist and the other was searching the hidden breast and my cleavage.
He suckled on me nearly an hour and I saw him as my own baby on my chest. I kissed him and he kissed and thanked me. That day was a holiday and he latched on me several times. Major share of the day, he was on my chest. I also loved to have him on my chest as he is my new born baby and will require the heat of my chest.
After some days, I started to produce milk and I was happy to know that milk is flowing into my breasts as my baby desperately wants it.

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It seems aunts love treating their fond nephews as their own I correct?