Sleeping With My Older Cousin Was My Most Erotic Sexual Experience

My very cute cousin is 8 years older than me and we had a very sensual and erotic affair. We were laying down on the floor to go to sleep one night and found ourselves face to face when she suddenly had a very wanton look on her face and as she leaned in closer, the attraction and mutal desires took over as we began a soft and sensual taboo kiss, driving me wild as we inhaled each other's breath. She felt and tasted perfect. What I would imagine kissing your sister or mother would feel like. I was instantly in love and lust and knew it was only time before we would taste each other's sex and give ourselves to each other. We could never sneak away totally so it began with her ripping off my shorts and giving me the best ******** i've ever had....We sixty-nined each other and before insisting that I come in her mouth, she stuck a finger inside my *** as I feasted on her sweet juices. I came hard in her mouth and watched as she sucked every bit of *** down her throat....I was in awe!....we finished up with a long kiss tasting each other's wetness and enjoying every kinky and taboo moment.

rico1eight1 rico1eight1
May 16, 2012