So the reason why I say "I think" is because my immediate family tells me she is my niece. She is actually the daughter of my first cousin, which I believe made her my second cousin, but upon further research I think she is actually my first cousin once removed.

So my first cousin once removed is how I believe is correct.

Regardless, she first visited when she was 15. From another state. And I surprised at how beautiful she was.

The second time she visited, we got a lot closer. I won't go into specific detail because I am afraid she may do some research online or somehow come across this and recognize the story. I know, it isn't likely.

Anyway, me and her got closer and I admitt I started making the first moves by hugging her and kissing her forehead. Eventually we started sleeping on the same be without my parents knowing. Either her in my room or me on her room. While there we would mostly sleep holding each other but sometime I would kiss her all over and even grabbed her breasts and kissed them too. On the second to last day of her visit, I put my hand inside her panties and felt her private part.

Until then I felt as though maybe I was forcing her. I mean we would joke about it but I always wondered if she really didn't like my advances... except on the last day I decided to stop the nightly visits (and fell dumbly asleep deeply) and then found out the next day (her last day) that she had come looking for me at night but I was asleep.

Well she is gone. SHe is beautiful and younger still in high school and I know she will start dating. It kinda hurts that next time I see her she might be in a serious relationship. But I truly do care about her.

So thats my story. haven't heard from her in a long time. What do you guys think?
nilo1999 nilo1999
26-30, M
Aug 18, 2014