My Biggest Problem

Is alcohol. Now, i'm not drinking everyday-In fact I abstain from the drink on nights before I go to work (getting up at 4 am is a really good reason not to drink to excess). But now I'm in school full-time and working less, and I've developed a habit of drinking almost every night when i don't work the next morning. Most of the time it's excessive. I mix types of alcohol, drink stuff I don't even like, and sneak drinks when no one is looking. A real problem is that I'm functioning: I'm not missing work and have a 4.0 in a selective college, and my family members do not seem concerned with my drinking. Nevertheless, I know that if this is not a serious problem that it will be one soon. I started the blog here-it's supposed to be all around wellness, but I've started with the issues that bother me (addictions, anxiety, etc).
RadoJota RadoJota
31-35, M
1 Response May 22, 2012

It sounds like you are abusing alcohol, it does not sound like your an alcoholic but that youare using alcohol for a sedative and relaxant and perhaps a friend.... I do the same thing and have started forgetting the night before because I drank so much inthe last five years....becareful not to end up like that!!!