4 Days Since I Left My Alcoholic Boyfriend

Ive been dating a man for 2 years. I didnt notice he had a problem with alcohol until 6 months into the relationship. This guy would drink until he drops, every weekend I would watch him drink a case of beer. We never really went out and when we did he would get so drunk and fall asleep at the table. At parties he would get so drunk and just last weekend embarrassed my children while at the party. Every so often he would go crazy and lose it. Either because he was not drunk enough to go to sleep, or his 15 year old son would set him off. The other night he bashed his son up. I got his son and my kids and left, we went to the police station to get some help. His son got an AVO so his father was not allowed to drink around his son anymore. Cause there were times before that when he would drink so much and start abusing his son. I'm lost because i believe i have done the right thing, well because i called the police and got the AVO for his son i am now the worst person in his eyes. My ex has to stop drinking cause he will end up killing someone. Not to mention he has severe depression. I care to much for his son for anyone to put up with this ****. As much as i miss him, cause we did have some fun times before he got too drunk that is. Hes suicidal too. Thank god for my kids as they are keeping me strong and i never want my children to put up with an alcoholic when they get older. Plus beccase he was such a bad drinker along came the snoring, i could never sleep and picked up a pot problem. But it was a way to cope with all the ****. 
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2011

I am so happy you got out of this relationship, its been 6 days since I left my alcoholic exboyfriend. we dated over a year. I have kids too. And its been painful but I know I did the right like thing!, keep your head up, Stay away from men with addictions, I also will try m best as I atract them like magnet!. Stay away!!! It will get better

Good for you! I wish I had your courage! How are things for you now?