I Dont Want Him To Die...

My fiance is an alcoholic. Ten years I've know him..four years in a relationship. I am worried that he is slowly killing himself. He has had alcohol problems since he was a teenager. He admits he has a problem. Yet won't get help. He used to only drink on weekends..but now it is a daily thing. He is trying to hide it from me..but I'm not stupid. He takes bottles of wine to work..and uses his traveling coffee mug to hold the wine inconspicuously. I have stopped him from taking wine from home but now he leaves work and buys more. I have seen empty wine bottles in his truck. He s jeopardizing his job of 27 years. A very important job. Its getting worse. He is a functional alcoholic. He drinks to relieve hangovers..he guzzles wine..he mixes it with beer. When confronted he becomes extremely angry. I have noticed his stomach is hard..sometimes he has a flushed face..sweating on his head and neck area. All of this tells me that he has reached a dangerous level with his drinking. The toxins from the alcohol are raging through his body. All the signs are there...I've never had to deal with an alcoholic and its the scariest thing to see...someone you love killing himself.
Gardenlover1 Gardenlover1
May 15, 2012