I Dont Know What To Do Anymore ..

So Ive been With my boyfriend for 5 years now im 21 he's 26 I was young(er) when I met &we both fell head over heals for each other Everything was great for the first couple months " the honey " Dont you guys just miss that .. ?.. I knew from Day 1 That he drank I just never seen it as a problem At this point .. One day In the early begining of our relationship I had invited him to my sisters birthday & he started going off about how he is shy and that he basicaly needed liquid courage to be able to come so i said hey if you want to have a beer or 2 befor you show up thats fine ... Apparently that was the wrong answer and that lead to him allmost leaving me .. I was so confussed on why I was being punished did i say/do somthing wrong .. well later on i found out that he wanted to stop drinking .. again didnt see that he had a problem but at the time my response even tho i didnt drink on a regulare bases was ohkay great ill support you if your not going to drink then eather will I. I started to see that he did have a problem a Big on he started going out & not inviting me breaking promises & or pushing our plans to the next day because somthing came up and he had to go out with his buddys or it was a rough day at work .. I started to hate myself i started droping friends Because i could never hangout with them long enough i need to rush home to him & i started basically becoming a mother to him 
All the time he make's me feel as if Im doing somthing wrong He is allways saying he is doing nothing wrong & when i ask beer or me when drunk he says beer when sober he says me .. He is always saying he will go get help but never has up untill this one time .. he was going to go into detox for a week befor he got into a rehab and he had to be 4 days sober he did such an amazing job up untill the 3rd day he drank he had 1 more day 1 i felt like our life togther was finally going to happen that all this time of me being there for him was finally paying off but then it all came crashing down on me to this day he comes up with a million reasons why he hasnt been or isnt going into rehab and i am just getting sick of it im sick of being hurt all the time im sick of being alone like i am right now and where do you think he is while i write this he is gone out drinking well befor he left he was saying oh hun we are gunna have a good night and im gunna wake you up early befor you have to go to work and make you breakfast you think he is going to NO .. & on top of this i stay with him i even stayed with him after he has cheated on me 3 times with my bestfriend and then came home to me & god knows if there is any other women he has slept with why am I .. Why are we letting ourselves go through this .. I dont know what i am supposed I really need help <3 
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Hey dear,<br />
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I am really sorry about your situation, it sounds really awful. But yes why are you letting yourself go through this. Maybe you should really seriously look for an answer by yourself. What are the benefits of this relationship for you? What is he offering you. By the sounds of it most of the good times are no longer. Are you relying on him for housing? <br />
I don't know which country you are in but if you have the chance maybe you should call one of those free help lines for relationships and just get this off your chest, maybe get some useful advice from someone who knows what he's saying. <br />
If you really want to stay with him for one reason or another try to can convince him to go to rehab, join AA, basically do something about his problem. <br />
If it continues down this road however you really need to start to look after yourself and say goodbye to him. It is not worth it to commit to a lifetime of suffering by staying with this guy when he is not willing to undertake serious steps to change and starts to resemble the guy you fell in love with again. Stay strong.