Alcoholic Boyfriend!!

Hi I am 19 years old and have been with my 25 year old boyfriend for over 4 year, he started drinking cider when he was 15 and has drank cider everyday since then which is 10 years he has drank non stop for now! Everytime i ask if he will get help to stop drinking he just starts an argument and says I am trying to rule his life and that he only drinks because of “stress" and because he's had a “hard life" he also says he isn't an alcoholic he's just a binge drinker, I am getting really fed up and he says he wants to work but hasn't even looked for a job, he doesn't let me go out the last time I went out with friends I was 15, he is very controlling and tells me he will do something silly to himself if I leave him, I don't want us to break up but I can't sit and watch him drink his life away, he always pours a cup of cider as soon as he wakes up, I am really stuck and asking if someone could give me advice please?
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1 Response Jul 25, 2012

Sweetie , your 19 and your whole life is ahead of you. It WILL NOT change. It will only get worse. All the tears and promises will be broken. The only thing that may work is if he becomes a member of AA and stays with it. You are looking at a long miserable path. If you have a family member who can help you, run to them. He doesnt work? How do you live?? He doesnt allow you out, this is a form of abuse. I will take a guess that this man hits you? Please get help, and get out. If you dont have family, there are places you can go. You deserve a better life then you are giving yourself. I am speaking to you as if you were one of my own daughters. AGAIN, GET HELP, AND GET OUT PLEASE.