I Am Exhausted!!

I just wanted to share the fact the i am TOTALLY exhausted!! Exhausted with my partners drinking!! I am over stressing out about his drinking.. I am over worrying whether he will drink and drive.. I am over his manipulation.. I am over all his lies about wanting to stop drinking!! Why can't he love his son and i more than his drink? Why can't he see that his drinking is ruining our family? Sometimes when he touches me or says nice things in his sober time, i just cringe!! I love the sober him and HATE the alcoholic him..why can't he see that he is ruining everything that is good in his life with me and his son? He had a really ****** upbringing and so did i, so i want our 'family' to work so so much...but why do i have to try soooooo hard!! I am exhausted!!
sunnysideup1 sunnysideup1
Dec 8, 2012