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It all started as something not so serious, just one of those relationships you're in just to be in. But over the two years I've grown to love him. By the time I realized he was an alcoholic it was too late, I was already in too deep to leave. Things got really bad, most of the worst moments of my life was because of this relationship. But I know he loves me and the problems just got in the way. He decided to break things off because he said he needed to get his life together but is also saying he wants to work things out when he is better. But part of me doesn't believe he's actually trying to get better. I think he's just out partying drinking and being with other girls. i feel like he wants to keep me around so when he is ready to settle down ill still be here. i don't know if i should believe he's actually changing. its so easy to fall back into it when you are blinded by love. Do I wait for him? Do I give him a chance to make it right? Or do I just move on? Any opinions are welcome.
Unknownwriter123 Unknownwriter123 18-21 1 Response Jan 19, 2013

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Trust me, I think he loves you. I was one of those men who knew very well i had a problem, but i still could not stop my drinking. I let my girlfriend down many times and though i did not show it to her, it was devastating to me to see how i let this wonderful girl down time after time. I eventually left her, hoping that i one sober day could knock on her door again. We men dont always think with our penises. I think you boyfriend loves you very much. I am still struggling with my alcoholism. It has been one year since ive seen my gf, but there is not a day that goes by without me thinking of her, i still love her very much. But alcoholism is hard, its hard for the alcoholic and hard for those around the alcoholic. i Hope every single day that i will quit the crap, and get back with my gf who deserves a better boyfriend than what i was. So i think you should trust him, i am almost sure that he loves you and was honest about what he said.

Thank you for responding, it helps me see the other side. First let me say stay strong I think you can over come what is ever in your way,I know it is very hard my dad also dealt with alcoholism and my mom stayed with him for 20 years before she said it was enough. I love my boyfriend so much more than I ever thought I could love someone, but with the drinking everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Every time he did something wrong he would also blame it on the drinking. I got sick from all the stress and he didn't really care it seemed. But like you said if one day he did get himself together I would give him another chance, if it isn't too late. I just think he has to be ready to face the problem like head on 100% ready, being only 50% ready wont be successful and I believe that's where he is now.