Stuck In the Middle

i hav an alcoholic boyfriend, we've almost been together a year.  he has a job that requires him to go out of town with his crew.  this has been the worst thing for him, because when they are out of town, they go drinking every night because they have nothing else to do, or so they think.  its so hard, because i wont see him for days and days, and all i'll ever get is drunk phone calls at midnight.  we talked about it last time he was out of town, that he was drinking too much, every night for weeks, and also that it was hurting our relationship that he was always drunk and moody when he called.  i love him so much, and i know he loves me, but he doesnt' see this as a problem, its just part of the job and told me i should get used to it because its how it goes when he's out of i went to his place and packed up all my stuff, it wasn't much anyways, and returned all the things i had of his.  but he is still out of town and wont find out for days, and i dont want to tell him i'm breaking up with him when he's drunk.  i feel stuck, i dont want to give up on him, but i do not want to be stuck with an alcoholic. 

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2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

just joined this forum. i am in a similar situation. are you still with him?

Maybe your leaving will be a wake up call. Most alcoholics are in denial or simply just don't want to quit. Unfortunately, it usually takes something life altering to bring them around. If you feel the need go to counseling, then maybe you can get him to come with you.