Wtf Am I Still Doing With Him?!

long story short, my birthday is monday (feb 22). and i didn't really have any plans, so i figured whatever happens happens and my bf would be right there with me. well to my shock, he's DRINKING right now. my birthday means absolute **** now. and it wouldn't hurt as much if i had friends to help ease the pain, but i don't. i don't even have siblings to confide in. and of course i tell him how much this is hurting me, and HE turns the tables on me to look like the bad guy! i really wish that there was a special gun to hold to his head and shoot the alcoholism out so he could return to the man i fell in love with nearly 3 years ago. but there isn't. so this will forever be the memory that i will have knowing my birthday was ruined by someone i love

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thanks so much 1960female, i will look in to alanon

It's pretty clear to me that you love your boyfriend very much since you've managed to stay together for 3 years and that you want this relationship. I have found that AlAnon has helped me to cope better with my alcoholic. It's a wonderful fellowship of "friends" that are experiencing life with an alcoholic just like you are. They don't tell you what to do or how to feel and it's anonymus so nobody needs to know your going including your alcoholic. Good luck Superlady2287. I wish you all the best.

thank you so much, sleepless34, that means a lot to me :)

Your birthday is on monday and celebrate it for yourself. you deserve it. it is your life and it is your birthday. do something what make you happy. Happy brithday dear pisces, i wish you have whatever in your life and always enjoy your each breath :) hugs...