My Dad Is An Alcoholic.

i keep hoping that my dad will stop drinking, and i have talked too him about it many times. i really dont know what to do anymore. it has gotton to the point where he has to hide drinks. but i still know hes drinking. im 15 years old and my sister is 8 and we both are having a really hard time dealing with this. i never really thought this was a problem until recently.

within the past couple of months it has gotton worse. it started with him getting drunk a couple times a week, and then it turned into an almost every day thing. then he started drinking and driving us places, and we wouldnt know he was drunk until he was already driving us places. one night he was driving me to a friends house and we got into a car accident. i thought this would be an eye opener for him and he would quit. i was wrong. it went back to the every night getting drunk and me and my sister eventually started to just ignore it.

about 2 months ago he got really drunk and was blacking out, so he was hospitolized. me and my sister were partly glad this had happend because we knew it would change things, and we knew he was okay. we had a intervention with him and he promised to stop drinking because he is all we have. we are not close with any relatives, and my mom is dead. last night i found a couple bottles of wine and he was drinking some. i have not talked to him about this yet, and i really dont know what too do. i need advice from anyone who has been in this situation.
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2010

If you can talk to anybody at a church or at school, it may really help you. I can't imagine how hard this is for you to not have any other relatives. You and your sister need to at least talk to someone. Just to get out . . it helps so much to talk about it. You're dad may need serious help as in a rehab facility.

Wow, you are in a hard situation. Just hold on and don't give up the fight. I know I'm not the greatest at giving advice, mostly because I haven't figured out how to get my own dad to quit drinking. All I can say is I hope that you and your family can get over this and move on.