hI I have an Alcoholic Dad and Iam nervous every day when I come home from school.  Sometimes he drinks and sometimes he does not.  Some of the drinking is part of my moms side but i dont want to get into that.  So the first time I found out he was an alcoholic was when i was 16 years old.  My mom has been hiding it from me my whole life because she did not want me to get upset about it.  So 2 years ago when I was 16 years old my mom said he was going for a blood test.  So me and my mom were sitting home and wondering where he was.  Well he got a drink and came home drunk when i was playing video games.  I went outside and his speech was messed up.  I ran inside and was like mom dads drunk.  So i took all of my stuff and went to my friends house.  My dad had to go to the hospital and I found out he was cursing out the doctors and yelling at my cousin.  I was very scared.  so after that in 2010 he went to rehab and did not touch a drink that whole year and it made my life so much better.  Well in 2011 he decided to start again i was 17 at the time.  and you could smell it on him.  So this is when it started to get bad.  Iam 18 now and this was about 2 months ago when his mom came up to visit.  so my grandma and my uncle came up to visit and i told my mom before they even came that he is going to be really drunk.  So then he came home 20 minutes later and he was drunk so i went to my friends house and stayed the night.  So then the next day I went to go skateboarding with my friends and one of my good friends texted me " is your dad ok".?  Then he told me that my dads car was flipped and the dog was in it.  So i called my dad and said what the **** happened and he said the car flipped the dog is ok tho.  so then i was very upset about that because he almost could of hurt someone else the dog or himself.  so then I talked to him later after and he said I was not drinking seriously Kevin I was not Drinking.  but yet I could smell it all around my bedroom and he was lying to me in front of my face.  I could not say anything because you dont know what an alcoholic could do.  so then days passed my parents said they were going to get separated but instead everything goes back to the way it was.  My parents are acting like nothing has happened and are hiding everything.  and my dad did have another beer after that accident.  He tells me that hes not going to do it again but I can not trust him anymore and I try to stay out of the house as much as possible.  That is my story.  could anybody please give me and tips on what to do?.
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kevin,<br />
My dad used to drink. He lived to be 98. i think your dad will be fine even if he acts oddly. perhaps you should ask him why he drinks. most folks have a reason and alot of times its a legit one. dont judge him just because you dont understand it get informed. oh and by the way,just because a guy gets drunk a few times doesnt make him chemically dependant on alcohol (alcoholic) it just means hes hurting about something and is looking to make it better without scaring his friends/family. my dad was a ww2 vet. he had a reason. maybe your dad does too. running to a friends house upon seeing your dad drunk is being a bit sissy like. I saw my dad drunk so many times by 7 it was meaningless...cocktail hour back in those days..so what? but I had a job at 14 so I wasnt home playing at 16....and was in the army by 17. Maybe its not dad that has the problem. what are you doing these days kevin? Hopefully by now you are gainfully employed and have a great relationship with your dad. god bless.

hey Kevin, i wish i could tell u something for make things better... but i dont even have them for myself.<br />
i share the way u feeling but i had to live with my dad with this drinking prob since i was 12..13 years old, 2day im 23 and he still the same person. i dont have a gd relationship with him.. when he gets drunk and when he is not, he is insulting me so much every single day and to my mom too. i wish they get separate but they dont (i know the reasons and i understand a few but this is not a life).<br />
does ur father accept his drinking problem? isnt he interested on going back to rehab again?.. u alone or with ur mom should talk to him when he is sober and let him know the way that all this is making u feel.. now and then when everything started and trough the years and the way that have affected you. <br />
in my case, talking didnt work and my dad doesnt admit that hes an alcoholic which is worse... but what ive learnt is that if he doesnt admit that he has this prob and doesnt ask for help.. or accept it, theres not much u can do, im sorry. its hard i know.. but if the person doesnt wanna recover theres naff u can do about it not matter how hard u try and how depressed this situation makes u feel.. :(<br />
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