Why Daddy?

I*m 16.. will be 17 soon. my dad goes out and drinks all the time and he knows how it effects me. he knows i drink.. i have been drinking since i was really young. My step dad && mother also drank alot when i lived with them and i was abused so badly because of it. My dad he knows that. he knows that by continuing his drinking ways it makes it harder on me to stop. i am dependent on alcohol. i was also dependant on drugs.. i am trying my hardest to quit them.. i want to stop drinkin. i wish my dad would stop.. its not only the abuse i got from my mom and her husband that scares me its also the fact that  his best friend was an alcoholic and ended up dying cause no one was there to catch him when he fell. i dont want my dad to be that guy.. the one that gets so drunk he cant stand up and then no one is there to catch him, call the cops when he is hurt.. i dont want him to be the one.. i cant loose my dad, he is the one person i have in my life to go to.. I am pregnant now... i am 16 and pregnant.. pregnant again.. 4th time.. all because of my alcoholism.. i get drunk with guys and end up having unsafe sexx.. ive only slept with 3 guys.. but i could have prevented it all, i am 16 and my dad is an alcoholic and i am afraid i am following in his footsteps and i am scared for us both! :'(

tragedyhappens tragedyhappens
26-30, F
May 12, 2008