My Father Was An Alcoholic!

As I was growing up as a child, I have these memories of my dad coming home drunk, of my mum, quietly stepping out of the house to get my dad from whatever shithole he was at to bring him home, my elder sister crying, standing in between them, trying to stop them fighting.
I'm a grown up now, and I can't say it affected me very much, and I was depressed. No, because my parents loved me, loved us. Both of them. My mum never discouraged me from talking to my dad, even when they were divorced for 2 years, she spent 30 years of her life, trying to help the man she loved and she never gave up, maybe that's why my dad is a different person and they are still together now.
My mother told me it all started 20 years ago at a corporate party at work. My dad used to be a former boxer in USSR, he held a position of a Ceo at a large organization by the age of 28, and never drank at all. But that corporate event changed his life to the worse. He came home drunk for the first time. My mom didn't even know how to deal with drunk people, she had no idea it could be like that. (She was very innocent and brought up in a strict family). After that, my dad started getting addicted, coming home drunk more and more often, then it turned into an every day. He lost his position, and it came to the point where my mum used to go out to the streets and find him drinking with homeless bums. My mum had to work for 2 jobs to feed us and to rehabilitate my dad. He went through a lot of treatments, used to stop for a little while and then start again. And through all the 20 years his life never was stable, it was full of ups and downs, but he didn't manage to climb the social ladder as high as his friends did.
It happened one day, 5 years ago. My dad was not home already for 2 weeks by then, we called all the police stations, hospitals, even wondered around the streets, made a report and then he just showed up. I can' t describe how happy and angry, frustrated we were at the same time. My elder sister was married and lived in another city, so it was only me and my mum. My mom had a nervous breakdown and somehow she lost her voice that night, she couldnt speak for the next 3 weeks, the doctors said it was a shock cause. During these 3 weeks, my dad felt remorse, and was literally living with her in the hospital. And, unfortunately, 3 days after my mom was hospitalized, I was diagnosed with a lung infection, and was hospitalized too. Sometimes when I was sleeping, my dad used to come next to me, hold my hand and cry, I didnt want him to know I'm awake, but those were the most precious moments of my life. Ever since that time, he stopped drinking. I don't care about how wealthy he is, I just want him and my mother to be happy and to continue loving and supporting each other. They both are wonderful people and deserve to spend the last decades of their lives in happiness.
To all those kids, who suffer or are being abused by their alcoholic parents, you need help, you can call emergency centers or help lines. You deserve a better life! But it could be different. If you feel you can change something, go for it. Talk to your parents. They gave birth to us, they raised us, how could it be possible they could stay ignorant for their precious children's wishes! Hope for the better!
clair07 clair07
18-21, F
Feb 8, 2013